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Becks flicks through an interior design magazine with her laptop and smiles.

You are unique.

Your Personal Branding session should be too!

Showcase your individual skills and personality.

Demonstrate what sets you apart.

Becks is stood in her kitchen with. a cup of coffee smiling at the camera.
Becks arranges pillows on the sofa in her living room.
Becks is stood checking emails on her laptop in her open plan kitchen.


Find out if you're my ideal client...


  • Passionate about what you do.

  • Ready to stand out from the crowd and tell your unique story.

  • Prepared for your business to grow with the right images captured perfectly.


  • Images that you love and can use - everywhere!

  • Help to feel confident and natural infront of a camera.

  • A guided and shared vision.

  • Someone who will  dream with you, adapt plans and spend time putting it all together.

  • Someone who aspires to make art especially just for you!


  • A tailor made experience.

  • Someone who has been where you are.

  • An artistic storyteller who 'gets you'.

  • A creative, fun, photoshoot that will bring out your unique personality.

Marco sits at a table having a cup of coffee. He is surrounded by his colouring pencils and sketchbook.
Marco is stood against a multi coloured backdrop laughing
A close up of Marco's illustrations: two coffee cups with bold colours and a drawing of a sleeping cat.
Marco is standing next to a giant cardboard cut out of his logo design in the shape of a pencil.

Activities rather than poses..... & carefully candid magic moments.

You are in safe hands. 
I am experienced, educated and specialise in giving you the confidence to capture the kind of content you want and need.

Tee is leaning against wall art in Leeds City Centre.

Personal Branding
is a


Together we will create a vision board for how the world will see you.

Tee is smiling as she walks up the middle of a road in Leeds City Centre
Tee is sitting on some rainbow coloured steps as she looks into the distance.
Tee is dancing in the middle of a road in Leeds City Centre.


An insight into WHO you are, WHAT you do & HOW you do it.

With my guidance from start to finish, we will capture your story.

You will be able to show your clients your craft, your personality, your style.

Show them why you're the expert.



It's my job to turn awkward into awesome. I'm full of tips, tricks and direction...

This is your time to shine.

You know your business... and I know mine - I won't spill my best secrets here, but on the day of the shoot you'll see first hand my special way to bring out your most relaxed, fun, smiling self.

Doing what comes naturally...

When you're telling your story, perfect moments naturally unfold right before the lens.

Through natural storytelling, activity / action shots, doing what you do (where you like to do it and where you're most passionate) -you'll be guaranteed to feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera.

You'll show the world what makes you YOU-nique!

When you SEE that confidence, passion and story....your clients will FEEL it.


Variety is the spice of life...

You need content with variety and I'm here to ensure that happens.

I change angles, perspectives & framing. With my artistic eye, I capture the most variety possible to maximise dynamic and emotional range.

Finding the perfect balance of quantity and quality using locations, outfits, expressions and activities.

Let me capture ALL the chapters of your business story

Gemma sits at her desk on her laptop writing notes.

The Dreamer

The Planner

The Maker

The Organiser

The Leader

The Heart

The Fun Side


Share your vision with me and we’ll work out the best plan for your tailor made shoot!

"A Personal Branding shoot....
it's an experience.

Each image is as unique as your business."

I'm Gem

Let me tell you why you should choose me to capture

your face, you heart and you story....

Gem July 2-31.jpg
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