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  • How do I book a tailor made session?
    Let's start planning your tailor made experience! Head on over to my contact page, fill out a contact form or send me an email. I can't wait to hear all about YOU and your story.
  • None of the packages suit my needs, can you still help?
    Absolutely! I realise every person and business have different needs and requirements and the packages listed may not be what you need at this time... The packages I offer are just a guide and I'd love for you to get in touch with me to create a tailor made service package. We'll go through all your requirements and then you will receive a quote with everything you need added in.
  • Can I add extras on to my tailor made session?
    Absolutely. Whilst I offer standard packages -which can be found on my pricing page.. I know every shoot can have it's own unique requirements. I offer additional extras such as: Extra time (applies to shoots booked as a minimum 2 hours) Venue / location scouting Lifestyle photoshoots Business specific photoshoots such as client interactions, events and special occasions.
  • I'm not very confident in front of the camera, will you help me to be?
    This is probably what is concerning you most, right? Well, that ends here. You're in safe hands, I've made it my mission to study and practice how to ensure all my clients forget all about being camera shy. You only have to look at my Client Experiences page to see how much fun every single client ended up having. I'm full of tips and tricks, you'll be at ease and ouse confidence, which is exactly the kind of images you want. This is your time to shine!
  • How do I know if this is right for me and my business?
    Are you a passionate business owner? Then you have a story worth telling. Your clients want to see you, they want to learn about what you offer. Personal Branding is the most powerful tool to build that trust, loyalty and engagement with your audience. Take a look at my 'Reasons to invest' page to discover the benefits and return on investment a personal branding session will make to your business.
  • Where are you based & what areas do you cover?
    I am based in Adel, Leeds, West Yorkshire. As most of the magic happens where your business is, I'm always happy to travel! For shoots 10 miles outside of Leeds 50p per mile will be added
  • Where will the photoshoot take place?
    The best location to represent your business, is where your business is! As there's nowhere better to offer a true reflection and include all the special details that make up what you do. Having worked with many creatives, often 'artist studios' or 'workspaces' are not the tidiest of aesthetic... however I would always encourage authenticity over staged. We can discuss this in more detail on our connection call and I'm always happy to scout the perfect location for you as an alternative. Depending on the length of your photoshoot, various locations may be required. I have a catalogue of beautiful venues, spaces (indoor and out) on hand so the 'where' is the easy bit! Extra fees may apply if certain locations need securing
  • Can I call you if I have any questions before the session?
    Of course! This is a constant collaboration from start to finish. You can call or email with anything so that we are on the same page at all times.
  • I'd love to have a photoshoot to show my family / loved ones, is this something you can do?
    Of course - these precious moments all add into why you do what you do - and perhaps who you do it for. A lifestyle photoshoot is the golden opportunity to capture you outside the workplace so your audience can really see the real you! Really making Personal Branding PERSONAL!
  • What should I wear?
    I'm glad you asked, it means you mean business. You want your outfit to completely represent YOU. You at your most comfortable and confident self. I can put you in touch with some wonderful stylists & colour analysists who know all there is to know to make you look and feel your best self. Your outfits should not only reflect you, but your business -from colour to style!
  • How many outfit changes will I be able to have?
    This will depend on the package and time allowance that you have chosen. In order to gain the most variety in content, I always recommend at least two outfits for each photoshoot. Even just a simple change of top, adding in a jacket etc can be beneficial.
  • How soon after the photoshoot will I get my images?
    As I develop all the images myself, to ensure you have the highest quality photographs all with my signature style. Your gallery will be delivered within 2 weeks following your shoot and delivered through your own personal online gallery.
  • How will I receive my images?
    You will receive a personalised online gallery within 2 weeks of your photoshoot. There, you will be able to download all the images within it in both in high resolution and web sized format. Your online gallery also allows you to share to others. The length of online storage will depend on the package you choose, ranging from 2 weeks cloud storage to 3 months.
  • Our session was for outdoor but the weather isn't looking good, can we reschedule?
    Of course, this is England after all. Should our session date approach and the weather is forecast for torrential rain or snow, we can rearrange to a day with better weather conditions. You may not think it, but outdoor photographers love cloudy skies - clouds are the perfect natural diffusers of the sun's light and can make for very complimentary pictures.. so unless it's rain / hail / snow we shouldn't need to rearrange!
  • Can I cancel my session?
    Life happens and I know sometimes session cancellations are unavoidable. If it is not an option to reschedule your session of course you can cancel. All my terms and conditions will be outlined within our contract agreement.
  • Do you have insurance?
    Yes. I have professional photographer business insurance cover.
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