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Heather sits in a giant red Japanese maple tree

The experience......

I am passionate about working with passionate people -especially those who are passionate about what they do!

You will feel:

Relaxed. Confident. Understood.

You will be:

Guided. Encouraged. Authentic.

You may even...

Laugh. Dance. Be spontaneous, playful & creative!

You wil have:

A tailor made session from start to finish.

A wide range of content that captures the very essence of you & your business.

Images that you can't wait to share with the world.




I make it my mission to understand your story. 

Not only what you do, but how and most importantly why you do it.

I strive to understand you, your personality, style, brand and intention for the images I will capture.

With all that knowledge, I do the hard work so you don't have to.

From scouting the perfect location, putting together a relevant shot list to suggesting appropriate wardrobe choices.

Ensuring the spotlight perfectly reflects you and your brand.

The photoshoot is a celebration of you!

I am experienced and specialise in bringing out the most comfortable, confident you.

And when you feel it, you'll see it on camera.

The perfectionist in me strives to capture the ideal image.


I work my magic in post processing with my signature style: Bold. Textured. Authentic. Detailed.

Full of colour and bringing you to life in every image!

Marco Looks freelance illustrator enjoying a break between drawing at Leeds Dock

Marco Looks Illustrator

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Hollow Hearts Tattoo behind the scenes clients getting a new tattoo

Hollow Hearts Tattoo

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The Monkey Puzzle Tree sketching designs for their new wallpaper using Yorkshire sourced fabrics

The Monkey Puzzle Tree

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Are you ready to share YOUR story?

Get in touch and let's start designing your tailor made personal branding photoshoot.

Gemma stand with arms folded under a cherry blossom tree smiling
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