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Gemma smiles holding her camera.


Time to find out about MY story....

My prime purpose as a Personal Branding Photographer, is to provide a clear visual representation
of YOU.... & your business.

Gemma Martland Focus Gem Photography

I have been in your shoes.
To have a dream. To start your own business.

36 years of living, learning, and hard work has lead me to my own Personal Branding Photography business:

    -A business that includes the perfect cocktail:

  • Meeting passionate, diverse, unique individuals & organisations.

  • Travelling near and far, working in wonderful locations.

  • Offering a different, custom made experience each time.

I am a visual storyteller, breathing life into moments frozen in time.

Gemma Martland Yorkshire personal branding photographer

If you want the full story....

I have always been creative, artistic & chased my dreams.

After running 2 Etsy businesses for over 9 years before starting my photography journey,

I  understand that your business is your dream.

My first business came from my love of travel and I started painting custom made world globes and travel themed gifts.

They were even featured on BBC Stargazing Live and held by Buzz Aldrin!

I have always loved capturing magic moments.

I am the friend or family member who is  rarely seen in the photos as I'm usually the one  taking them.

The artist, visionary (and perfectionist) in me is happier that way.

I insist that every precious memory of family time / travel is captured perfectly.

When I needed to have my face more present for my business I learned how to become confident on the other side of the lens.

I have always sought adventure and travelled as much as possible.


I've travelled to 36 countries.. most of those solo! I once did an around the world trip over 8 months.

I've ticked off a lot from the bucket list but for every one I tick, another gets added onto the list.

If I HAD to choose my top 3 countries: USA, Italy, New Zealand ....but please don't make me choose!

So it's safe to say I'm always open to a location shoot.

I have always wanted to learn and have risen to a challenge.

Fun fact if you're still reading...

I'm a fully qualified heating and ventilation engineer, plumber, pipe fitter, welder.

I told you my life lessons have all lead to this - as the only female working in the company, I had my photo taken all the time.

I had to learn early on how to feel confident in front of the lens

...and I have been giving advice ever since (including plumbing tips!).


- It's all been leading to this! -

I have always had a fascination with and passion for photography.

I knew I needed to study it to really appreciate it and to be able to capture images

that show their full potential. I knew that I needed to learn how to manually use a camera and all of its settings, which is a serious skill. All within a split second, telling your camera exactly what to do.

There's as much to know about 'in camera' as there is about 'post processing'.

Not to mention colour theory, light / shadow, composition, reflections, white balance, exposure, timing - and the list goes on...

This opened my eyes to a whole new world. I'd no idea how hard it would be,

but always knew it would be worth it.

Photography is the perfect mix of art meeting science and technology.

I love the opportunities it brings, the creativity it allows, the priceless results it produces.

There's also a wonderful bonus that there is always something new to learn.

I spent every waking moment learning, practicing, developing my skills and trying to find my niche.

I soon discovered what I enjoyed most was seeing people light up when they talked about what their passions:

Fellow creatives and business owners who have followed their dreams. 

This is how I found my dream clients.

So believe me when I say, I understand passion.
I understand HOW to capture YOUR passion.

Let’s work together....

Get in touch so that I can capture the face, heart and story behind your business!

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